How do I Redeem My Recently Purchased Voucher?

All formats (VHS, Video 8, Hi8, MiniDV, VHS-C Etc.) are the same around the world but the run times and recording signals on the tape are different. Pal is the system we use here in the U.K., most of Europe, and all commonwealth countries. Note that copyright material will require permission in writing from the copyright holder. Special rates apply for obsolete or broadcast formats. Your recordings will be given a re-fresh as we up-scale them. There might be a small loss in picture quality in the transfer process if the recordings are in long play or from the American NTSC system. Our Video to DVD transfer services in Darlington use Progressive Scan technology. Progressive scan shows both fields in one pass, so providing a smoother and more accurate picture. Progressive Scan requires special connections such as HDMI or Component Etc…A standard signal is defined as 480i (576i for PAL) or 480p (576p For PAL) if it’s de-interlaced progressive scan. We also use this process with a Flexible Recording Mode ie. if your Tape is one and a half hours long, most companies would use a fixed bit-rate of 5Mbps to a max record time of 2hrs. per DVD. This is just not good enough in our opinion. We use a flexible Bit-rate of between 1.7 – 10Mbps. This allows all the data capacity of the DVD to be used for your tape recording. It also allows up-to 3hrs worth of video to be placed on the DVD with better than SP results. Sound is always Dolby Digital. We are based in Darlington, County Durham and offer a collect and drop off service in Darlington, Hurworth, Yarm, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Richmond, Northallerton, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle and all the villages in between call us for details and availability.


What do I do and where do I go to redeem my voucher?

Video to DVD Offer page click here.

This is the HOW TO walk through section. I suggest you print it out or keep it open in another window as you proceed though checkout if you need to. All you have to do is find the deal that best suits the number of tapes you have and then change the number next to the word ” Add: “. So if you have 5 tapes you would change the 0 to 1 next to the “5 x Video to DVD transfer Service (DEAL)” AND If you have more tapes than the 3 or 5 tapes deal you purchased then please add extra tapes using the “ADDITIONAL TAPES TO DVD TRANSFER SERVICE VOUCHERS HOLDERS ONLY” link this is only available to voucher holders using their coupon in the same transaction. If you would like any extra copies of any tape then please add  ”Extra copies of DVD”  in the required amount then hit the “add selected items to cart” button located above & below the deals.. Easy so far right? OK This will take you to your shopping cart where you will see the items that you have just added. If you have a voucher to redeem then please don’t use Googlecheckout or Paypalcheckout at this stage as it will not let you redeem just yet. Instead please just hit the “check out” button. If you are a returning customer please just sign in as normal, if you are a new customer and you are redeeming a voucher please hit the “create account” button. Answer all questions and create account. You will be taken to Step 1 of 3 Delivery Information. Check your address is correct if not please do change it. Decide if you want your tapes returning. If you do, then choose the oppropriate option. If you have more than 10 tapes you should pick the 1-2 day service as this allows for heavier packages and is fully tracked and insured. (If you want to pay by Cheque payable to ‘ iMemoryBox ‘ choose the Zero cost £0.00 shipping option) If you only want the DVDs sending back then choose the £0.00 shipping option, then hit “continue checkout” button. Nearly done. OK this next Step 2 of 3 -Payment Information is where, if you have a voucher, you can enter it under the Discount Coupon section. Enter your coupon code in the box, tick the Terms & Conditions box then hit the “continue checkout” button. Now is the time to check over your order, please do check it and hit the “confirm order” button. You will be taken to a secure paypal payment page, don’t worry if you don’t have a paypal account as it will still let you pay via credit or debit card. Once done you will be taken back to the website and your order confirmation page with our shipping address etc. ( If up have not purchased any additional items like shipping or extra tapes ) Then you will be taken back to the website and your order confirmation page with our shipping address etc. See, told you that it was easy.


Please include the following details with your tapes as we will not be able to process your transfer and get your DVDs to you unless we have ;

  1. Your First and Last Name
  2. Your Full Address and Post Code
  3. Your Contact telephone numbers incase we need to call you re. delivery etc.
  4. Your email address (we will not sell or give it away we need it to track your order and give your shipping updates)
  5. Your Printed Voucher or at the very least the voucher number clearly written down. Plus your iMemoryBox order number.

More tapes than the deal allows?

Add them to your cart before you checkout for the discount price. ADDITIONAL TAPES TO DVD TRANSFER SERVICE VOUCHERS HOLDERS ONLY

Broken Tapes?

Check Your tapes for any broken cases or tape. We can repair and transfer the footage to DVD but do charge for this rescue service. Get it HERE.

Extra copies of any of your tapes?

Order them HERE

What kinds of tapes can i send in? 



Send them HERE



You can send them any time within the next six months. Your voucher should be valid for approximately that length of time. Usually after such a deal companies are very busy and orders can be delayed when everyone tries to redeem at the same time.


If you send in 3 or 5 Tapes and do not require your tapes to be returned then we will post your transferred DVDs to you Free of Charge. If you do require us to post your tapes back the cost will be £6 for up to 5 x tapes. If you are sending more tapes then the cost will usually be higher than this. We use a variety of shipping companies and always send with the most secure available at the best price. We have made the shipping choices easier and cheaper. For 10 tapes and less the cost will be only £6 for more than 10 tapes the cost is £10.90. Fully tracked and insured the cheaper option can tape up to 7 days the £10.90 option is 1-2 days. If you prefer a particular courier then we will of course use this company. Take a look at our shipping prices here.


1) Either follow steps found here: OR Visit
2) Select either 3 or 5 transfers depending on which option you have purchased
3) Add to cart, proceed to checkout and sign in
4) Enter voucher number at checkout
5) Post videos as per instructions after checkout and instructional video on web link above
6) Await DVDs
7) Enjoy


Limit one per purchaser, additional as gifts
• UK delivery of DVDs included
• Return postage of tapes to iMemoryBox not included – additional return fee of £6 must be paid if you require your tapes back (£6 can be sent by cheque with your tapes, or paid at checkout)
• Delivery time: please allow at least 2 weeks from the day your tapes are received
• Valid for non-copyright PAL UK tapes only
• Each DVD holds up to three hours of footage
• Additional tape to DVD transfers are offered for only £5 per tape, if purchased at the same time that you redeem your voucher
• Expires 6 months after purchase so no need to rush sending your tapes to us. Take your time and find ALL your tapes to send to us.


What if you have had enough of vouchers and redemption etc and can’t get your voucher to work then please look at our FAQs page.  You must have “cookies on” to use our shopping cart. Remember only one voucher can be used per order this rule will be strictly enforced. Many thanks Sheldon.

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